School Visits

When a child reaches his/her hand onto my shoulder, I realize they have been captured to ‘learn’.  My ability to enter a child’s world and to understand with empathy, their strengths or weakness is what I bring to the schools where I volunteer.  

I love when I go to the Elementary School in the St. John’s County School District and work with the Kindergarten children.


Children gain confidence because I accept them for whom they are.  They know I enjoy working with them

I provide my services totally free of charge! This is my way of giving back to my community.


MJ Hayes is an award winning author who has a passion for inclusion. She writes books from the perspective of children who are blind and deaf, and also encourages children to eat well through her book 'Thumbs Up'. 

MJ Hayes
Children's Author
809 Copperhead Circle,
St. Augustine, Florida. 32092