Hello to all! 

My background as a teacher taught me how to understand the potential of children and capture their imagination.  Their excitement became an emotional ladder to my writing.

Writing triggers my spirit to delve deeply into the mind and heart of a child.  I like to think that my books caress a child’s soul…so that children can empathize with the deaf child in Emma’s House of Sound,  the blind boy in Dakota Help Me See the Light, and identify with Santa whose toys disappear in Oooh! Santa’s Toys Disappear in St. Augustine.

My books are fun! are fun!  Through them children learn the prerequisites of life.  I write with my heart to inspire children’s little souls.


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As the parent of a child with special needs, I love how Emma confronts those who tease her. She is brave. I also love the creativity the teacher uses to show the other students Emma’s world. Every child should have such a great teacher. The study guide at the end adds a wonderful element for those who may have difficulty explaining the topic. 

Debbie Vilardi

Events & Announcements

September 3, 2019

Main Street Library


MJ reads Teddy No Stuff- 6 ft. Jumbo Jack will be with MJ in the Library too. 3-8 years

October 5, 2019

Renaissance Hotel World Golf Village.
Late morning-3pm

MJ will be book signing with Jumbo Jack Teddy Bear!

October 29, 2019

Christmas in October
Pena Pina Women’s Exchange         
143 St. George Street

MJ will be book signing 10:30-3:00

Oooh! Santa’s Toys Disappear in St. Augustine


Santa’s Visits St. Augustine and Oooh! Santa’s Toys Disappear in St.Augustine will be in the archives at the Historic Society. Jeff Davitt will be presenting this to Charles Tingley and Chief Librarian Bob Nawrocki. 


MJ Hayes is an award winning author who has a passion for inclusion. She writes books from the perspective of children who are blind and deaf, and also encourages children to eat well through her book 'Thumbs Up'. 

MJ Hayes
Children's Author
809 Copperhead Circle,
St. Augustine, Florida. 32092